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Marketing strategic services

At AFA Press we harness the power of both print media and digital communication to ensure that the content we help produce reaches the right people in the right way. AFA Press works in collaboration with several independent media agencies worldwide which have forged exclusive agreements with the world’s leading print publications including The New York TimesThe IndependentUSA Today and U.S. News & World Report. In this way we can help boost coverage of particular countries, regions, sectors, themes and companies.

With hands-on experience in dynamic and emerging markets, the marketing and research team at AFA Press has highly developed research skills and in-depth region-specific knowledge. Over the years we have developed a unique database comprising our field experience and collaboration in the production of hundreds of country reports. Our services include editorial services and corporate communications campaigns.

As readers turn increasingly to the Internet for their supply of news and information, AFA Press is taking technological change in its stride. Mobilising the power of the Internet to our advantage, the reports we help to produce have a truly global reach. The content we provide is available on the agency website and in many cases on the websites of the newspapers and magazines themselves. Clients can even request to feature reports on their own websites.

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