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Country regional sectorial reports

AFA Press specialises in helping our partner agencies create country, regional, sectorial and theme-based reports that are later published in some of the most influential news media across the globe.

Country reports

The resulting country reports focus on individual countries, analysing their key sectors and opportunities for investment. They also inform readers about the latest social, political and economic developments in the country in question.

Regional reports

Reflecting the increasing cooperation and integration of the world today, the regional reports produced by our partner agencies are created to send out a shared message from a group of countries within the same continent or region. From DR-CAFTA to ASEAN, these regional reports view the world from a broader perspective, recognising regional trends and developments in order to fully understand the region.

Sectorial reports

By focusing on a particular industry or sector, sectorial reports identify the movers and shakers at a national, regional or even a global level. In this way AFA Press manages to position particular companies in the context of their industry and provide invaluable information for potential investors.

Theme-based reports

AFA Press creates content for theme-based reports covering a variety of subjects from business or technology to consumer habits and innovation. These theme-based reports provide readers with the latest news and current developments in any particular sector, while offering advertisers high-impact and contextual exposure.

When providing content and associated services for the production of country, regional, sectorial and theme-based reports and associated advertising sections we consider the best interests of potential readers, providing all the information needed to formulate an educated opinion and helping them stay in the loop. At AFA Press we aim to provide a refreshing perspective clarifying unfamiliar issues and tackling mundane subjects from unexpected angles. Our goal is to create content and conceive new ideas that are appealing to both readers and clients.

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