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AFA Press has accumulated hands-on experience providing content and journalism in and about some of the world’s most dynamic and emerging markets since the 1970s. We specialise in the research and creation of country, regional, sectorial and theme-based reports, business reviews, company profiles, articles, advertising copywriting, text edition, proofreading and grammatical/orthographic text editing.

AFA Press is devoted to meeting the needs of publishers, clients, readers and advertisers. Our content is the collaborative effort of experienced editors, writers, designers, experts and analysts. AFA Press has a staff of in-house and freelance professional journalists who create thought-provoking editorials and specialise in politics, business, energy, finance and particular geographical regions. Meanwhile, our marketing and research team consists of analysts with highly developed research skills and in-depth region-specific knowledge of each country’s economy and key commercial sectors. Our goal is to support our partner agencies by producing quality content and devising original ways to tackle the subjects we cover.

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