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Q: Do I need to be fluent in a foreign language in order to apply?

A: All applicants must have a fluent level of English and any additional languages are a plus but not a prerequisite.

Q: Can I still apply if I’m not available to attend the Selective Training?

A: Yes. However it is important to state which month you will be able to complete the full recruitment process, as we will only consider your application closer to this time.

Q: If I am successful during the Selective Training and offered the position, when can I expect to start?

A: Ideally we look for candidates to start immediately, however, we appreciate that this is a very unique position and most candidates will need some time to arrange personal affairs, give notice to current employers. Therefore candidates are required to start within four weeks of completing the selective training.

Q: If I am sent to a country, which requires a visa, do I have to organise it myself?

A: In many cases we will be able to process visas on behalf of employees through some special agreements we have established with certain embassies. However, if this is not possible, we will help you as much as possible and you may be required to go to the embassy yourself in order to present your passport and papers in person. Any cost incurred in doing so will be covered by the company.

Q: As a trainee will I be based on a project?

A: Absolutely! We are firm believers in that the best way of learning is by observing, experiencing and doing. Right from the very beginning you will play an integral role in the success of your project, helping and supporting your team in every way possible and also assuming responsibility right from day one. At the same time you will learn all there is to know about the industry from the very best the industry has to offer.

Q: How long can I expect to be a trainee for?

A: The length of time you spend as a trainee varies from individual to individual. Our people come from all different backgrounds and possess different levels of experience, as such we treat all our people as individuals. There is no fixed term that every employee must complete as a trainee, although on average you can expect to be a trainee for three to five months.

Q: When can I expect to become a director?

A: We don’t recruit trainees, we recruit future project directors! If you are offered the position it is because we believe you have the potential to manage your own project, lead a team and develop your own business unit and strategy. Our aim is to help and support you every step of the way so as you reach your full potential as soon as possible. In some cases this can be in as little as a year.

Q: Will I always travel with the same team?

A: Almost everything about this job is constantly changing and the people are no exception. With every new project you will be assigned to a new team, as in working this way we are able to share and reapply the different levels of experience and expertise that our individuals bring.

Q: Where will I be based?

A: This position is project based, therefore you will not have any one specific base. Although the company headquarters are located in Madrid, Spain, you will be based in the country of your current project throughout the duration of that project.

Q: Where will I live when I’m on a project?

A: We pride ourselves on taking excellent care of our people, providing all our teams with top-class accommodation. Depending on the country, this may be a house, apartment or hotel. You will also be provided with cleaners, chauffeurs and cooks in many cases, taking away the usual day-to-day tasks we normally stress over and allowing you to focus 100% of your energy on the task at hand!

Q: What costs does the company cover?

A: The company will cover all your work expenses whilst you are on a project, including accommodation, transportation, work materials, communication expenses and more. You are required to come to head office when requested and from head office we will always fly you to your project and back again.

Q: How long does each project last?

A: This varies from project to project, depending on market size and complexity. On average you can expect projects to last between four and eight months. Once you finish one project you will either come back to head office and be assigned to another project or fly directly from one project to another.

Q: How do you decide who goes where?

A: The process of deciding who goes where depends on two factors: the company’s needs at that point in time and your skills set. We will always try and match you to the market in which we feel you will perform best. This is a decision taken by the company and candidates must understand that they will not be able to choose their destination and must be flexible and willing to live and work anywhere.

Q: How many days of holidays do I have?

A: You generate four weeks paid holidays per year, whereby you must save one week of holiday for the Christmas break.

Q: When can I take my holidays?

A: Holidays may only be taken in-between projects and there are no guarantees that you can take them as a new project might already be assigned to you. Holidays can only be requested once individuals have completed their traineeship and at least one full project as a coordinator/journalist.

Q: Can I take a few days off in the middle of a project?

A: Normally no, unless there is an emergency or a health issue.

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