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Application sent! What happens next?

First of all, we will take some time to review and judge applications. Candidates will be judged on their application and their overall profile in accordance with the requirements for the role. Successful candidates will then be contacted and asked to attend one of our assessment centres- or for candidates located overseas, a webcam interview.

Stage One: An invitation to attend one of our group assessment sessions usually held in Madrid, Barcelona, London, Paris and Dublin, or an invitation to conduct an interactive webcam interview for candidates located outside of these destinations.

Stage Two: An individual one-on-one interview conducted in our head office in Madrid or again for candidates located overseas via webcam.

Stage Three: Selective Training


The Selective Training is a structured, five day long group training event. The training is full time starting at 10.00am everyday and represents the final stages in the selection process.

On day four of the training, candidates will be required to present their final presentations to the commercial department and those who successfully pass will be offered employment with us with a view to start as an International Media Sales Consultant.

The aim of the Selective Training is two fold:

1. To give a more in-depth overview of our sales methodology and help develop certain skills and competencies which are considered necessary for this position.

2. To assess the potential to succeed and produce desirable results in the field.

That sounds like a lot to go through to get the job…

We agree. Our recruitment process is quite intensive and it is a lot to go through - but it is important that the fit is right for you as well as for us. You need to ensure that we are right for you as well as you being a great candidate for us before committing. Here at AFA Press we believe that every relationship be it professional or personal needs to be mutual and therefore both parties need to be 100% sure that this is the right fit for them before moving forward.  

As we say at AFA Press, this is more than a job it’s a lifestyle!

For further information, please see our FAQ section. If you have any more questions, please contact us at

Best of luck with your application. We hope to meet you shortly.

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