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Field Project Director

Leandro Cabanillas. Field Project Director

I’m from Don Torcuato, Buenos Aires, and had the opportunity to attend a selective training session for the international media sales consultant position here in Buenos Aires. I spent five full days from nine in the morning until eight in the evening learning about our product, sales techniques, and of course meeting with company employees and hearing about their experiences.

I was offered the job and sent on my first assignment as a trainee to the Dominican Republic... Wow... “Punta Cana, the Caribbean, sun, surf, Cuba libres” all came to mind! Of course I was there to work, and our Monday-to-Friday routine (some weekends included) was something I had never seen anywhere before: my project director receiving phone calls from ministers and CEOs of the major companies in the country, who were calling to invite us to breakfast and discuss the political agenda of the country! Those three months as a trainee in the Dominican Republic marked a before-and-after point in my life. Waking up at seven in the morning, keeping track of expenses, coordinating our house staff, and reading about all sectors of the economy and interviewing people, it was extremely interesting.

For my next project I received a promotion to the position of international media sales consultant to conduct a project in Cape Verde: 10 islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, 500,000 people, and a country that experienced its first Coca-Cola in 1997. I flew from the Dominican Republic to Afa’s head office in Madrid for my briefing, and the next day I was off to Cape Verde to interview the Minister of Infrastructure…

After this project, I spent 11 months in Nigeria, two months in Mozambique, and then received a promotion to project director, where I then spent 10 months in Indonesia, and afterwards Colombia!! Three and a half years doing this and I am thankful every day for the opportunity. You will meet incredible colleagues from very impressive backgrounds, experience the most bizarre moments of your life, sit down with personalities that shape the agenda and lives of millions of people, and you will learn something new every day.


In one year with the company I managed to see: the pyramids in Egypt, the World Cup in South Africa, surfed in Bali, did a safari in Mozambique, took exactly 53 flights, and I was able to make money whilst doing all this! Today, I am currently in Mexico with my team working on another report to add to my portfolio.

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