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Business Development Manager

Gemma Gutierrez. Business Development Manager

I was 27 years old, tired of living in a small city, and wanted to get away from the typical routine I was falling into… that wasn’t for me! I wanted a new adventure, something that would suit me better, having spent 10 years in marketing and communications, sitting in the same office, dealing with the same clients, struggling to make people think creatively and with a more global perspective.

Gemma and President Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernandez

At just the right moment, I spotted a job offer, and I will always remember the opening line: “Are you willing to travel 11 months a year?” Of course I was – the job was made for me! From that day, my life changed, and my career became the most interesting, enjoyable and rewarding challenge I could have wished for.

 I started as a trainee in Rwanda. While the rest of the world continued to think that civil war and genocide were still rife in the country, I had the privilege of visiting the country, interviewing people who, despite having experienced tragedy and hardship, still had a smile on their face and a real commitment to work for their country. I learnt a great deal in Africa. It has been said: “In Europe we have only read the prologue – there is much more to the world.” And it is so true: working in remote, unknown places can change your perception of life, and open your eyes to things you might not expect to be important or relevant to you. On top of that, there’s the chance to enjoy a bit of tourism, and earn a lot of money!

While in Rwanda I realized that this was only the start, and I would be happy to be part of AFA Press for a long time. I have since worked in many different countries, meeting important politicians, businessmen and personalities who have shared their knowledge and passion with me. They have

Gemma and Alvaro Uribe, ex president Colombia
helped make my job exciting and rewarding – and I am proud of the projects I have developed in countries such as The Philippines, Slovakia, Angola, Dominican Republic and Colombia. Every single project is a challenge, requiring great effort to provide quality editorial content that advertisers are keen to take advantage of. Now I enjoy reading and sharing every report I have helped produce, knowing that they have contributed at least in some small way to challenging people’s perceptions and opinions about developing countries and world affairs.

After four and a half years working in the field I became part of the AFA Press headquarters team, supervising projects in different countries around the world. I liked the idea of sharing the knowledge and experience I have gathered traveling the world, and now I am happy to say that I enjoy this job to the maximum, facing new challenges every day, feeling proud of the teams I have the pleasure to work with. I share in their experiences, successes and failures – and in the huge pleasure of creating great communication tools for the countries in which we work. It all makes the extra-long days, thousands of air miles and mountains of stress worthwhile.


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