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Virginia Cortavitarte

I worked for AFA PRESS for over 10 years. My experience with the company was simply amazing! I had the opportunity to travel the world, interview and do business with high end individuals in economics and

Virginia and Nelson Mandela
politics worldwide, share incredible experiences with my colleagues and learn a lot about myself,.. all of it with a outstanding life style. The opportunities that the job gives you are countless,..I started as a trainee and by the time I left I was the Director of the business development unit in Head office. It is always up to us to make the most out of these moments and I believe I maximised this completely. I created a very strong social network and I was offered my current job thanks to one of the contacts that I made during my time working for AFA Press. I am International business developer for a company leader in the agro commodity sector, where I can make the most of all the skills that I learnt during my working experience with AFA Press. Something that I learnt is that there is always a way to achieve something, and with the right amount of energy and optimism, you will always get to that. If you have the opportunity to join the company, you must think that once you are in your inner self will grow exponentially and after the experience is over and when you look back, you will have lots of tools to tackle your next adventure in life.

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