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Alberto Llaryora Honorary President and Founder of The World Folio - Afa Press

Alberto Leandro Llaryora evokes strong emotion wherever he goes. International businessman and media tycoon, the Argentinian magazine Fortuna defined him as “eccentric, entrepreneurial and a man of the world”.

He was born in Tucumán, one of the most underdeveloped provinces in Argentina, and the critical tone of his bimonthly magazine NOA, covering current affairs in the north-eastern provinces, forced him into political exile in 1976 – a move which would motivate him to become a media mogul with offices throughout the world.

His oeuvre is diverse. A tireless entrepreneur, Llaryora has owned and invested in a diverse range of media outlets including newspapers, radio stations and television stations such as Competencia, Gaceta Ilustrada, Grupo Futuro, Canal 8 de Tucumán, Grupo 8 de Prensa, El Periódico, Radio Antena 8 and Canal 10.

In the 1970s Llaryora recognised a niche in the market for the creation of supplements to be placed in leading print media in Europe and the USA. The idea caught on and culminated in the creation of AFA Press, an independent press and communications agency that works with a network of partner agencies providing content for the production and publication of supplements, economic reports and content for print and digital media across the globe.

With offices in London, New York and Madrid, AFA Press has seen its work published in print media including The New York Times, USA Today, Le Monde, The Daily Telegraph, The Observer and U.S. News & World Report. It has published over 40,000 pages including presidents, ministers, leading businessmen, kings and sultans from all five continents.

For a man whose contacts have included Indira Gandhi (ex-prime minister of India), King Hussein of Jordan, Silvio Berlusconi (Italian prime minister), Nelson Mandela (ex-president of South Africa), King Hassan II of Morocco and Chris Gent (ex-CEO of Vodafone), he keeps his personal life surprisingly under wraps. His children inspired him to create a charity set up in 2003 to provide food for over three thousand children in Tucumán province. Llaryora also supports CERENU (Centro de Recuperación Nutricional María Rosa Gómez), which works to treat children in late stages of malnutrition.

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